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Webinar: Hotel Leadership & Planning in Uncertain Times

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After a difficult year, hoteliers around the globe are looking ahead to 2021 and asking the same question: How do you plan for a year that's clouded in uncertainty?

In our next webinar, we discuss how to build a solid foundation to navigate any scenario. That means hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, focusing on what you can control, and being ready to minimize threats and seize opportunities.

The objective? Survive today to thrive tomorrow.

Topic include:

  • The Outlook: What scenarios should hoteliers plan for in 2021?
  • Leadership: How hoteliers are managing labor, marketing and budgeting in a volatile market
  • Operations: Building a leaner, stronger and more agile team
  • Technology: Planning to meet the needs of hoteliers during and after recovery

Webinar: Hotel Leadership & Planning in Uncertain Times is organized by ReviewPro