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Webinar: Technology Must Haves In The Next Normal

This webinar was recorded on September 23, 2020

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Whether we want it or not, Covid-19 is fundamentally changing the way we operate. Physical distancing requirements, increased compliance demands and most importantly a razor sharp attention to managing costs, are accelerating the adoption of technology in the next normal.

The way to recovery is likely long and sinuous but your technology stack can help alleviate some of the pains. Join hospitality tech leaders as they showcase the top tools every hotelier needs on the road to recovery and beyond.

This webinar will be an interactive session with live Q&A. Get the answers you need to all your questions about top technology and how it can help your hotel engage and empower your employees, and drive the compliance and efficiencies that are needed next normal.

In this webinar, learn and interact with:

  • Lua - The robust housekeeping and task workflow management system
  • Salesboost - A revolutionary skill-based learning platform (9/22 - only)
  • Typsy - A leading learning skill-based platform (9/23 - only)
  • Beekeeper - The #1 employee communication platform for hospitality

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