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Cornell Webinar: The Health Trust Factor

This webinar was recorded on October 5, 2020

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Health and safety concerns are understandably a key barrier to attracting today's travelers, and the hospitality industry has quickly reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing preventive measures to provide a safe environment for guests. Yet travelers realize that no precautions are 100% effective, and they need additional assurance that hospitality companies can be trusted to protect their health and safety.

A wide range of institutions, businesses, and industries have already implemented a number of measures that offer an extra level of assurance: prevention, monitoring and surveillance, detection, and timely intervention techniques. By learning from these best practices, the travel and hospitality industries can adopt strategies that will give customers peace of mind in this new reality.


  • What health trust is and how it can serve to build loyalty
  • What the hospitality industry can learn from healthcare providers when it comes to better collaboration, coordination, and communication
  • Why hospitality must embrace a new definition of personalization that prioritizes health trust over traditional travel perks
  • Why the industry needs to embrace a learning culture so it can continually evolve in order to best serve guests

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