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Surrey Research Forum: Blockchain on Service (SuRF-BoS)

This webinar was recorded on October 29, 2020

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Surrey Research Forum: Blockchain on Service (SuRF-BoS)

Sponsored by Doctoral College, the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is pleased to invite you to navigate the world of blockchain. Blockchain is best known as the underlying technology behind digital currencies like bitcoin, but it has applications well beyond that. Both researchers and practitioners find that blockchain is now having an emerging role in sustainability by facilitating foster collaborations between customers and producers, by helping people in choosing more sustainable lifestyles, and by assisting firms to improve their sourcing and recycling practices.

This workshop aims to establish networks, form interdisciplinary collaborations, and share ideas by answering the question "Can Blockchain Drive the Future of Service and Sustainability?". This workshop will be framed by a small number of keynote presentations and opportunities to share research briefs in an idea marketplace. Participants across disciplines are welcomed to contribute to this event from different aspects of service.

We welcome contributions, especially from postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and early career researchers (ECRs), from a wide range of disciplines and service aspects. Should you be interested in contributing to the event, please register here:

Surrey Research Forum: Blockchain on Service (SuRF-BoS) is organized by University of Surrey

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