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DataArt Webinar - Bringing Flexibility to Travel Companies

This webinar was recorded on October 29, 2020

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The travel industry continues to operate in extreme conditions where nobody knows what next month will bring. For some markets, recovery is on a positive trajectory but remains uneven and unpredictable. Many travel-related companies have laid off or furloughed staff, leading to a brain drain and lower operational flexibility. Additionally, costs of legacy IT infrastructure are becoming harder and harder to justify.

Join us for a webinar discussion led by experts from iSeatz, Rappi, Navesink Advisory Group and DataArt to learn:

  • How to increase operational flexibility and overcome travel industry brain drain challenge
  • How to maximize your IT team resilience and implement different engagement models
  • System scalability best practices for cost optimization
  • Tactics to navigate the changing travel industry landscape laying the foundations for greater efficiencies as the travel sector recovers

Who Should Attend?

IT leaders, business executives

DataArt Webinar - Bringing Flexibility to Travel Companies is organized by DataArt