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Online Course: The Fundamentals of Upselling


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Get started in the multifaceted world of hotel upselling! Become acquainted with the many layers of effective upselling, learn key do's and don'ts and find out how it can support hoteliers through periods of low demand.

The course includes 7 video lessons and quizzes, followed by a test to receive the Level 1 certificate to become an Upselling Associate. Included lessons are as follow:

  • Lesson 1: What is Upselling?
  • Lesson 2: Key Metrics
  • Lesson 3: Good vs Bad Upselling
  • Lesson 4: The Guest Perspective
  • Lesson 5: Hotel Benefits
  • Lesson 6: Total Revenue Management
  • Lesson 7: Simple Tips & Tricks
  • Certification Test: Become an Upselling Associate

Online Course: The Fundamentals of Upselling is organized by

Anastassia Kravtsenko
PR & Events Manager
Phone: +31625332217
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