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Rethinking Hotel Data

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Rethinking Hotel Data

Part two in our Future of Hospitality series, the Rethinking Hotel Data webinar explores the most important metrics for hoteliers, and why tracking data is vital for success.

Discussion with panellists

Rethink data in real time

Time waits for no one and neither does data. Actionable, real-time data helps to plan your operational, financial and marketing strategies. You can look to the past, too, with YoY property and competitor data perfect for building leaderboards that track success.

Maximize profitability

It doesn't matter how smart you are - algorithms will always be smarter. But that's good: embracing business intelligence tools that study market trends, occupancy data and much more can help to develop new pricing strategies.

Connect with your guests

Hospitality is all about being hospitable, and it's easier to do that if you know your guests. Data can build in-depth guest profiles, allowing you to segment messaging and personalize experiences to keep your customers returning.

The Speakers

  • Joris Beerten : Global Commercial Director, OTA Insight
  • Michael Bennet : CMO, Cendyn
  • Pavla Munzarova : CFO, Mews
  • Matt Welle : CEO, Mews
  • Vivian Alofs : Director of Revenue Management, Pandox

Rethinking Hotel Data is organized by Mews