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Oaky's HOF Meetup

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Oaky invites you to join the HOF Meetup to connect with like-minded hoteliers and brainstorm alternative approaches.

What is HOF? At Oaky we believe that the hotelier of the future will see other hoteliers as companions of the industry, and true future experts collaborate and inspire each other.

How it works

  1. Share your challenge (this meetup topic: Hotel Revenue)
  2. In the virtual space tackle your challenges in a small group
  3. Leave with new ideas to apply to your hotel


11:00 - Welcome
11:10 - 4x10min circle discussion
11:50 - Review of learnings

Oaky's HOF Meetup is organized by Oaky

Anastassia Kravtsenko
PR & Events Manager
Phone: +31625332217
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