CBRE H2 2022 Hotel Outlook | Balancing Risk Reward In the Back Half of 2022

You're invited to a flash call, hosted by CBRE Hotels Research and Econometric Advisors, on August 3, 2022 at 10 AM ET. The flash call will focus on the H2 2022 Hotel Outlook. Our expert economists and researchers will discuss the following:

The macro-economic outlook for 2H22, 2023, and beyond

  • GDP growth and non-residential fixed investment - key drivers of both demand and a hotel's largest operating expense
  • CPI - a key driver of ADR
  • Employment and wages - key drivers of a hotel's largest operating expense

An update on current capital markets dynamics

  • What is the outlook for cap rates, borrowing rates, the risk-free rate, and spreads
  • What investors are most active and why
  • How much capital is available and where is it being deployed

What do these factors mean for the hotel industry

  • Top line performance
  • Outperformers and laggards by geography and asset type
  • Hotel margins and profits
  • Future supply
  • Returns

Featured Speakers:

  • Dennis Schoenmaker, Ph.D. - Principal Economist & Co-Lead - CBRE Econometric Advisors
  • Matt Mowell - Sr. Macro Economist - CBRE Econometric Advisors
  • Rachael Rothman, CFA - Head of Hotels Research - CBRE Hotels
  • Robert Mandelbaum - Research Director - CBRE Hotels

This webinar is hosted by CBRE Hotels

For more information please contact Robert Mandelbaum

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