The Effectiveness of Tablet Automation

INTELITY's Inside the Industry video series

INTELITY’s Inside the Industry video series brings together top hospitality professionals for a discussion of the role and future of technology in the hospitality industry.

A live video session with Robert Stevenson, CEO of INTELITY, and Drew Dutoit, Hotel Manager The Perry Lane Hotel, this session will be moderated by Alan Young, Puzzle Partner Ltd. and is in partnership with INTELITY.

We hear about automation of all types these days—smart-home automation, autonomous driving experiences, and obviously, data automation. Now, we will discuss the new and innovative realm of Tablet Automation.

During this video you will hear from the leader of an innovative hotel technology company and a hotel operator of a prestigious and amazing hotel in Georgia on their definition of ‘tablet automation’ and how it drives service revenue while enhancing the guest experience.

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