HVS Webinar: Lease, HMA or Franchise – which model is best suited to today’s investor

HVS, together with our friends at Bird & Bird, AlixPartners and EP Business in Hospitality, are pleased to present our next online webinar which will pose the question "Lease, HMA or Franchise - which model is best suited to today's investor?"

It has always been hard to convince real estate investors that they should look favourably at operational models other than the traditional FRI lease, such as management contracts and franchise agreements. There are a number of reasons for this including perceived risk and value issues. However, to what extent have perceptions and the appetite for risk changed in the post-COVID environment? Which model or models are investors now favouring in terms of future-proofing their portfolios?

We are delighted to be welcoming a select group of experts who can bring their expertise to the fore to provide clarity and insight. Scene-setting presentations by Karen Friebe, Partner and James Fowler, Senior Associate, both of Bird & Bird together with Chris Martin, Senior Director at HVS Hodges Ward Elliott, will be followed by a lively panel discussion to be moderated by Graeme Smith, Partner and Managing Director of AlixPartners. Panellists will include:

  • Philippe Bijaoui - Chief Development Officer for Europe, Accor
  • Felicity Black-Roberts - Vice President Development, Hyatt
  • David Kellett - Managing Director, Invesco
  • Jacob Rasin - Vice President Transactions, Pandox

We hope you will be able to join us for this important webinar.

This webinar is hosted by HVS

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