Best Habits For Hotel Sales Site Tours: Stand Out When They Stop By (Whether In Person Or Virtually)!

While many event planners, group and meeting planners, and business travel (BT) buyers go through the buying cycle without ever visiting the hotel in person, there are still plenty who prefer a site tour. And smart salespeople always offer to conduct live virtual site tours for those who cannot visit. Typically, it's those who are booking the highest revenue-generating deals who are the most likely to go for a tour, and the hottest prospect is surely to be the one investing time to stop by in person. Yet the chances are they are also visiting other potential hotels on the same day. Participants in this webcast learn tactics will learn:

  • How to entice buyers into a visit, whether in person or virtually.
  • Prepare your front office staff to greet the prospect by name on arrival, even before it is spoken.
  • Prepare and then include key leaders such as your General Manager, Operations Manager, and/or Guest Services Manager, as well as frontline staff.
  • Include "heart of the house" tours, as buyers may find it interesting to peek behind the scenes.
  • Avoid the habit of listing quantitative facts and instead, use a storytelling approach.
  • How to close the sale and leave the next step on your to-do list.
  • Send personalized follow-ups.

For more information please contact Doug Kennedy

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