Successfully Fielding Legitimate Guest Complaints AND How To Stop The “Full Refund Scammers.”

While the vast majority of guests who complain simply want to have their emotional reactions validated, there is a small, vocal, and possibly growing percentage that Doug Kennedy has labeled "Full Refund Scammers." In this webcast, Doug will first present KTN's "EARS" method of successfully resolving guest complaints. Also presented are ways in which your transient reservations and guest services team can work proactively together to prepare for the arrival of potential "full refund scammers" who arrive with the objective of getting their stay comped.

  • When fielding complaints, there are two components. First, is the issue driving the complaint, and then perhaps more importantly, is the guest's emotional reaction to the issue.
  • Using KTN's EARS method of service recovery.
  • The importance of notating comments made during the booking and prearrival correspondence that present as "red flags."
  • Documenting the details of special requests, especially when the staff has had to say no or that it is requested but not guaranteed.
  • Recording timelines of requests and complaints, along with the response times and action steps taken.
  • Standing up to bullies when necessary, documenting their argumentative or threatening remarks.
  • The importance of not caving to threats. (They will probably do that bad review anyway, even if you do cave!)
  • Defending your brand when responding to unjust online guest reviews.

This webinar is hosted by Kennedy Training Network (KTN)

For more information please contact Doug Kennedy

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