Beat Labor Crunch: How to Win Big with Automated PMS & Revenue Tools!

Tired of labor shortages hindering your property's performance? Now your hotel can enhance efficiency and profits without adding staff! Stayntouch's cloud PMS and revenue tools, powered by automation, can help you:

  • Increase Productivity by 70%: Automate tasks across front desk, housekeeping, revenue management, and night auditing for a smoother operation. Reduce check-in times by up to 58%.
  • 30-Second Check-In: Eliminate lines and lighten the front desk load with automated mobile and kiosk self-check-in options.
  • 23% More Upsell Revenue: UpsellPRO personalizes guest experiences and expands your revenue streams revenue through automated attribute-based upsells, dynamic pricing, and automated inventory management.

This webinar is hosted by Stayntouch

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