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Hospitality Net is a membership organization

Serving its members for more than 20 years, Hospitality Net is regarded as the #1 trusted source where global hospitality industry leaders and experts go to learn, share and connect.

HN exclusively publishes original member content or content that is co-created with HN. Contents include press releases, thought-leadership, expert views, explainers, video assets, event listings, webinars, case studies & whitepapers, appointments, and more.

Membership tailored for your specific needs

HN proposes membership tiers for all industry stakeholders, covering the following segments:

  • Hotel owners/operators/groups/brands
  • Hotel management companies
  • Universities and schools
  • Industry consultants
  • Regional and professional associations
  • Vendors and suppliers
  • Event organizers

Annual HN Membership is available from US$ 725 / € 655 per year.

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