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Now Open18 May 2017

Toyoko Inn Cebu

First Toyoko Inn Hotel Opening in the Philippines

Now open – 582 Rooms

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Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Tokyo, President and CEO Maiko Kuroda) is proudly to announce its first opening of our new hotel in the Philippines, "Toyoko Inn Cebu" (582 rooms).


  • In 1986, we opened our first hotel in Kamata, Tokyo. In 2015 we reached 50,000 rooms and became one of the largest hotel chains in Japan.
  • To accomplish our final goal of opening 10.45 million clean, reliable, reasonable rooms, we are now expanding overseas.
  • We provide same Japanese "omotenashi" hospitality as is in Japan.
  • We employ our staff at the location for job creation.


  • Toyoko Inn Cebu is located on the 6th to 18th floor of "Jcentre Mall" which is in central part of Cebu. Facilities are the same to the ones in Japan so that you can experience our original atmosphere.
  • To add more, we have installed mini kitchens for long term travelers inside both Deluxe Twin Rooms and Deluxe Twin C Rooms.
  • We also have free bus rides from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to cut down number of transfers for you.
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Toyoko Inn

Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd. is a chain of no-frills business hotels in Japan, founded in 1986 and expanding rapidly from the 1990s. The company is headquartered in the Kamata section of Ōta, Tokyo, about halfway between the central wards of Tokyo and Yokohama; its name is a portmanteau of the names of Tokyo and Yokohama.
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