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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Solve Major Deficiencies in Hospitality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can sift through and dynamically draw insights from mountains of data (operational, performance, guest, pricing, comp set, BI, marketing data, etc.) to allow hoteliers automate or augment operations, processes and decision making via various hospitality tech applications in guest services and operations, revenue management, CRM, guest communications, BI, digital marketing, personalization, inventory distribution, etc.

How do we encourage a start-up culture in hospitality?

The KUBE mantra is to incubate and accelerate start-ups in hospitality. We understand that in order to affect substantive change we need to reach a tipping point for the growth of start-ups. In technology, we are witnessing impressive growth in startups, meanwhile, for hospitality, we're not seeing that same growth.