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Community Action Month (I)

For the 16th consecutive year, Radisson Hotel Group is organizing its Global Community Action Month - an initiative in which hotels, as well as teams from the corporate offices, come together to contribute to the local communities.

The Rise Of The 'Work Family': New Survey Says 60% Of People Would Sacrifice A Raise To Work With Colleagues They Like

Nine in 10 Americans surveyed have a "work family" and, as a result, feel happier. They also agree that traveling with colleagues enables them to connect on a personal level. To celebrate the importance of positive workplace relationships strengthened by business travel, Comfort has launched the Comfort Hotels Ultimate Work Family Trip Contest where, throughout summer 2019, one person will have the chance to win access to an entire Comfort hotel for a weekend to bring together their work, and personal, families.

Report: States, Localities Lose Money On Sweetheart Short-Term Rental Tax Deals

A new report released today highlights how states and localities are losing millions of dollars in tax revenue from "voluntary collection agreements with short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb. The report, authored by Dan Bucks, former director of the Montana Revenue Department and previous executive director of the Multistate Tax Commission, concludes that these sweetheart tax agreements not only create a false impression of revenue gained by a state or locality but also cause a loss of revenue.