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The Future of Sustainability Certification: Micro-Certification?

Over the past 20 years, the hospitality industry has experienced a continuous increase in various 'stamps of approval', especially at the sustainable front. A few large certification bodies with extensive criteria catalogues dominate the market but hoteliers and consumers alike are still struggling to differentiate the reputable and credible ones from the home-made seals of approval.

Making sense of artificial intelligence: AI in the (Increasingly Virtual) Workplace

The advent of the pandemic has resulted in the virtualization of many jobs, perhaps permanently. The associated increased quantification of the workplace will enable the accelerated adoption of AI. As our private and professional lives inevitably blur as we work more from home, we need ethical rules more than ever about how companies can use employee-generated data and deploy AI in the workplace.

Grand Hyatt Limassol

Hyatt announced today that a Hyatt affiliate has entered into a management agreement with Anolia Holdings Limited for the first Hyatt hotel on the island of Cyprus, Grand Hyatt Limassol. The 300-room luxury resort is expected to open in 2025 and signifies Hyatt's continued growth into Europe's leading travel destinations.

Lack of high-spending US travelers will prolong economic recovery of dependent EU destinations, says GlobalData

US tourist expenditure in Europe is expected to decline from US$116.1bn in 2019 to US$63.2bn in 2020, showcasing a 45.5% drop. As infection rates across the US surge, this invaluable source market is still a long way from recovery, which will only make matters worse for EU destinations that are major beneficiaries from US tourism, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Sustainability goals... is the window of opportunity for hotels closing?

View by Jay Stein

"I hope the window of opportunity for hotels isn't closing. At Dream Hotel Group, we are great supporters of sustainability and see a need for it in our industry. As a company, we're already taking the necessary steps to start making a difference in our world, such as offering guests the choice to reuse their towels, sheets and other linens versus washing daily."