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How will you weather the next economic downturn?

View by Bill Walshe

"As an operator and a brand, we learned a series of lessons during the Great Recession, with the most important takeaway, to remember you are in this for the long run and not be short sighted. During economic downturns, it is easy to get caught up in rate wars, but if rates get cut too low, price integrity long-term is affected, making post-recession a lot more painful."

MGM Resorts International Addresses Financial Impact Of Covid-19 And Steps To Mitigate Covid-19 Impact

In light of the material unforeseen and unprecedented volatility in the financial markets, MGM Resorts International ("MGM Resorts" or the "Company") is providing the following update on its results for the first two months of the year, the impact of COVID-19 on its operations and an overview of the steps it is taking to help minimize the financial impact.

International Tourism Arrivals Could Fall By 20-30% In 2020

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has released its updated assessment of the likely impact of the COVID-19 on international tourism. Taking into account the unparalleled introduction of travel restrictions across the world, the United Nations specialized agency for tourism expects that international tourist arrivals will be down by 20% to 30% in 2020 when compared with 2019 figures.

Does IT provide a strategic advantage?

View by Ramón Aragonés

"Nowadays IT is highly strategic for all industries, including hospitality – where the role of technology has grown significantly in the past decade. During the past few years, NH Hotel Group has made a relevant investment in technology, avoiding the archetypal IT approach that combines multiple systems and integrations that imply high maintenance costs, lack of flexibility, low quality of information, and inverse economies of scale."