Marloes Knippenberg

CEO of Kerten Hospitality

Marloes Knippenberg

The Chief Executive Officer of Kerten Hospitality, Marloes Knippenberg, has an innovative mindset that has established the organization as a disruptive, dynamic international hospitality group dedicated to the management of mixed-use developments in key global destinations.

Her journey in the hospitality field started with Hilton where Marloes held senior operational and commercial management positions for over a decade. At the helm of Kerten Hospitality, which she developed and launched with the backing of Kerten, Ireland-based investment vehicle, Marloes has grown the organization’s operational and pipeline portfolio from one brand in one country to 10 aspirational lifestyle-driven concepts in 35 development projects across 3 continents.

Marloes continuously pioneers the role of innovation across the larger ecosystem with the aim to establish an industry platform where technology, hospitality and sustainability coexist and evolve for the benefit of consumers, investors and businesses.

She is on Advisory Board of flagship events like IHIDC – Vienna, AHIC - UAE, HITEC - Dubai, IHIF - Berlin and is frequently invited to contribute Though Leadership to industry forums: ITHIC - Italy, SHIC - Saudi Arabia, HOST – London and The Retail Summit, Dubai.

Marloes has been listed in the Hotelier Middle East Power List 2019 ranking the region’s most influential industry professionals.

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