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Simone PuortoSimone Puorto is a former hotel General Manager, consultant, author of three best-selling books on hotel marketing, MBA lecturer, and contributor for the major blogs in the industry. He is the founder and CEO of Travel Singularity, the consulting firm whose vision is to solve the growing needs for connecting the dots between digital disruption and change with the existing technology and processes in hotels. Over his career, spanning across over 20 years, he consulted for international hotel groups such as Divani Hotels Collection, Library Hotels Collection, and Louis Group (LUI), helped to consolidate the second-largest Italian hotels' chain, and he advised for several travel tech start-ups.

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What can the hospitality industry expect from metaverse?

Can the Metaverse bring significant changes, solve some of the pressing issues and become the way forward for the hospitality industry? Sure, it can! Can it do it within the next 5 to 10 years, as predicted by Zuckerberg? Hell, no.

Can hospitality integration hubs save our industry from legacy tech nightmares?

I think this discussion is becoming redundant. It's not a question of IF anymore, but of WHEN. I've said several times that we live in a transition period, at least on a technological level.

Beyond: What the Metaverse is and How Hotels Can Take Advantage of it

If you're into science fiction, you may know that most of the technology we use today has been predicted, in one form or another, by novelists. There are hundreds of examples in literature. H.G. Wells theorized the nuclear bomb 30 years before it was created.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Solve Major Deficiencies in Hospitality

I've recently finished writing a book (which should be out in a couple of months) on what I call "post-human hospitality." During the writing process, which took me over two years, I interviewed dozens of futurists and visionaries about the possible implications of AI, robotics, and automation in our industry, so the topic strongly resonates with me.

Is hotel metasearch a distribution or advertising channel?

I am lucky enough to have lived the evolution of metasearch advertising from day one. Ten years ago, I was working for what became one of the major metasearch management platforms in Europe, so I followed the evolution of the phenomenon quite closely.
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