Meng-Mei (Maggie) Chen

Assistant Professor at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Meng-Mei Chen

Dr. Meng-Mei Chen (Ph.D., University of Surrey, the UK) is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland (University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland). She is an expert in the hospitality and tourism industry, and stays close to industry practitioners through consulting projects and presentations in international conferences. Dr. Chen’s research interests include online customer decision making processes, digital marketing, mobile marketing, distribution channel marketing, and consumer behavior. 

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What Are Customer Acquisition Costs And Why Is It Important To Calculate Them?

This article lays out why it's important to differentiate distribution costs from customer acquisition costs (CAC). Distribution costs refer to commissions paid to travel agents, OTAs, discounts to tour operators, etc.

How to generate more core and non-core ancillary revenues for your hotel?

When exploring ancillary revenue opportunities, hoteliers should keep in mind the following factors. (1) How to make your persona's life better and easier? My favorite example is a room set up for parents traveling with a young baby.

Destination Marketing: How To Use Images To Promote A Destination

A picture is worth a thousand potential visitors to a destination! Destination marketing organizations have used photos to inform, persuade and remind tourists. The popularity of selfie culture further reinforces the importance of pictures, as millennials always search for that Kodak moment! Yet, is there a method to select the best images to promote a destination? After one and a half years of research, we have developed the "Imagery Diagnosis Model," which is the answer.

Shifting the Hospitality Service Paradigm in Difficult Times

A few years ago, Marriott had a commercial link with a storyline about an elderly lady who stayed in a Marriott hotel because she just lost her house during a mountain fire and needed time to reflect and think about her future.

Is Personalization in Hospitality Dead or Alive?

Personalization will continue to be of critical importance only if the hotel industry uses customer data to add value to customers. Before the hotel industry develops capacities to re-orient itself to effectively becoming customer-centric, the profit-driven personalization will only kill itself.
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