Mama Shelter London — Photo by Accor

A former East London warehouse in Hackney is now home to the long-anticipated hotel, Mama London. Set against an industrial backdrop, the luxury funky concept is crafted by Parisian design firm Dion & Arles to provide coziness and connection.

Evoking a traditional English cottage with details like suspended macramé textile works and lace napkins, dark woody interiors are meticulously accented with velour. A fireplace anchors the vast communal lobby to infuse warmth complementary to the hotel's residential-style, while social spaces like the private dining areas and handful of karaoke rooms add a fun-loving vibe inside.

With cutting-edge design, each accommodation features a quirky and vibrant style, offering plush bedding and and state-of-the-art technology such as the Photobooth/Videobooth platforms where guests can create personal souvenirs in the comfort of their own room.


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