1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, New York — Photo by SH Hotels & Resorts

1 Hotels, the mission-driven, sustainable luxury hotel brand founded by Starwood Capital Group Chairman and CEO Barry Sternlicht, announced today that it will debut its UK brand flagship, the 1 Hotel London Mayfair, in 2022. Located in the heart of Mayfair overlooking Green Park, 1 Hotel London Mayfair will be operated by SH Hotels & Resorts and will bring eco-conscious, modern design to London. The brand is inspired by a simple idea: teaching people they can have a luxury lifestyle in a more sustainable way.

"1 Hotel London will undoubtedly set a new standard in the city for the luxury hotel experience, while also advancing our brand mission to inspire conscious consumption and become a platform for change," said Mr. Sternlicht. "Now, more than ever, the idea of living well must include the thoughtful and thorough protection of the natural beauty that is everywhere, and nowhere is that effort more important than the UK, with its growing commitment to the adoption of sustainable practices, its stunning countrywide landscape and the diverse cityscape of London."

1 Hotel London's design will echo its nature-inspired mission, by bringing the outdoors in. The nine-story hotel will house 184 guest rooms, a celebrated farm-to-table restaurant with garden seating and a bespoke fitness and wellness center. 1 Hotel London will also feature a communal lobby bar, designed to inspire gatherings, new friendships and create a relaxed social energy.

The hotel is part of a 260,000 square foot mixed use project being developed by London-based Crosstree Real Estate Partners that will include sustainably-designed offices and prime retail. The interiors will be designed using locally sourced materials, as well as sustainable elements and practices throughout, including reclaimed wood, fabric and custom finishes. Flooring in the guest rooms will be crafted from fallen trees from local parks, bringing the outdoors in and highlighting the wood's natural beauty.

1 Hotel London Mayfair will set the standard for a new kind of luxury experience that positively impacts our planet. The hotel will offer guests in London an unforgettable experience while bringing local communities together to create new and unexpected connections that spark ideas for good and impact change.

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