Roomza Inner Harbor at Lord Baltimore — Photo by Roomza

Roomza, the innovative hotel startup known for personalized, tech-forward, hotel stays, has announced a collaborative venture with Rubell Hotels to introduce a distinct lodging experience within the Lord Baltimore Hotel. Set to open in April 2024, this initiative isn't just about transformation; it's an integration, adding a modern, exclusive offering to the historical ambiance of the Lord Baltimore.

The newly announced Roomza Inner Harbor at Lord Baltimore will feature 30 guest rooms, made into an individualized sanctuary using the company's signature personalization engine. The included offerings like silk pillowcases, a diverse selection of over a dozen religious texts, and dedicated on-site hosts, exemplifies the company's dedication to creating the most personalized hotel stays on Earth. This commitment to individuality was a key factor in the success of Roomza's recent opening in Times Square, which garnered rave reviews for its attentive and tailored service.

Curtis Crimmins, CEO and Founder of Roomza, commented, " We're beyond excited to launch this next destination for our brand, hot on the heels of our success in NYC. Charm City offers a unique backdrop for our personalized hospitality and Roomza is ready to surprise and delight visitors to Baltimore from around the world."

Roomza Inner Harbor at Lord Baltimore is not just a new place to stay; it's a new way to stay when visiting Baltimore. Guests who've stayed with Roomza in Times Square will arrive to a room as unique as them, their preferences having already been saved and implemented. As the industry observes, this partnership is poised to set a new standard in how historic hotels can embrace innovation while preserving their legacy and identity.

Sheila Wiegandt, Managing Director, Lord Baltimore Hotel said about the new venture, "For 96 years, the Lord Baltimore Hotel has served as a destination for incredible experiences. Partnering with Roomza creates yet another option for the hotel guest, supporting the hotel's initiative of entertaining, educating, and creating memorable moments."

This new tech-forward boutique hotel experience represents a thoughtful fusion of tradition and vision, promising a unique stay for guests who value both the historical context and the magic of personalized hospitality.

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Roomza Inner Harbor at Lord Baltimore
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