Industry Update
Appointment16 August 2017

Tino Tuan

Named General Manager
At Merperle Hon Tam Resort in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Tino Tuan In a better effort of bringing high quality service to its guests, Merperle Resorts & Hotels has appointed a new GM, Tino Tuan who was on board last week on Aug 8, 2017. As an enthusiastic, detailed and customer-oriented, he brings with him 15 years great expertise with over ten years management experience on how to gain guest satisfaction. With this in mind, he is going to focus on re-organizing and support his team members for more effective performance in a friendly and courteous manner while finding new initiatives to create better product choices.

Merperle Resorts & Hotels

MerPerle Resorts & Hotels is a collection of boutique properties at many amazing locations in Nha Trang bay and Ho Chi Minh City. The architectures of MerPerle are designed exquisitely and charmingly with natural green background.
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