Industry Update
Appointment 2 October 2018

Alexandra Högberg

Appointed Hotel Manager
At Zleep Hotel Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Alexandra Högberg

On January 14th, 2019 Zleep Hotel Upplands Väsby is opening with 152 rooms. Zleep Hotels has appointed Alexandra Högberg as Hotel Manager to lead the opening of the brand's first hotel in Sweden and to ensure its success. With a long career in hospitality, Alexandra is more than qualified to take on the large project at hand. 

Alexandra Högberg has a solid background in the hospitality industry with a long career at both restaurants and hotels. Most recently, Alexandra has held various management positions at Motel L. Her managerial competences and previous experience with hotel openings ensure a strong profile to the hotel that opens in the new year.

Zleep Hotels and Alexandra are looking for a new team to open the hotel in January. Several positions are available.

It is with high expectations that Zleep Hotels enters the Swedish hotel market. Sweden surely offers a much larger potential than the Danish market, and this first property just outside of Stockholm will be used as proof-of-concept to further develop the brand. The 152 rooms are all available from January 14th, 2019 and can be reserved with an opening discount already. The hotel offers free parking, free WiFi, a good breakfast and, most importantly, a quality bed at a great rate.

Zleep Hotels

Zleep Hotels is a Danish chain of hotels with big ambitions. We are here for the many, because we want to ensure that as many as possible can afford traveling as well as having a real hotel experience.
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