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Appointment 7 June 2019

Greg Myers

Joined IDeaS Revenue Solutions as Chief Client Officer

Greg MyersIDeaS, the leader and pioneer of revenue management software announced today the selection of Greg Myers as its chief client officer effective June 3, 2019. Myers brings more than 30 years of experience serving customers in the software field. He has held executive management positions for Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Sony, McAfee and most recently, BMC Software.
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Industry Veteran Greg Myers Joins IDeaS as Chief Client Officer to Advance Best-in-Class Client Experience

6 June 2019 — Tweet This: @IDeaS_RevOpt announces the selection of Greg Myers as its chief client officer. With 30+ years of experience in the software field, Myers will bring a new level of excellence to the leader and pioneer of revenue management software. www.
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IDeaS Revenue Solutions

With more than one million rooms priced daily on its advanced systems, IDeaS Revenue Solutions leads the industry with the latest revenue management software solutions and advisory services. Powered by SAS® and more than 27 years of experience, IDeaS proudly supports more than 8,700 clients in 106 countries and is relentless about providing hoteliers more insightful ways to manage the data behind hotel pricing.
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Recent Appointments at IDeaS

Audrey Murante - Member of the 2019/2020 board of directors

4 March 2019 — Audrey Murante, director of global alliances & initiatives for IDeaS Revenue Solutions, has been named to the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) 2019/2020 board of directors. She will serve as the board's liaison for its data analytics working group.
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Ravi Mehrotra - Advisory Board Member

18 December 2018 — Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, co-founder, president and chief scientist of IDeaS Revenue Solutions, was named to the board of the Leland C. and Mary M. Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship (PIHE) at Cornell University's S.
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Rachel Grier - Managing Director Asia

4 December 2014 — Ms. Grier has a proven record of successfully growing businesses in the regional hospitality and travel sectors across a range of established and emerging markets in Asia. Of critical importance to IDeaS is her balance of hotel industry sales and regional business operation experience along with her proven track record in bringing high-ROI software solutions to bear on the industry's largest challenges.
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