Industry Update
Appointment27 October 2020

Lindsay Wolff Logsdon

Promoted Chief Culture Officer
At LOGE Camps, USA

Lindsay Wolff-Logsdon

As LOGE's Chief Culture Officer, Lindsay leads the company's People, Brand, and Communications functions. Previously VP of People, this new C-suite role reflects LOGE's belief that the company culture is a core element of their business for its current 40 employees and many more to come.

In this role, Lindsay will build the LOGE brand internally through the crew member experience and people program oversight, and externally through the company's brand marketing and communications efforts. She drives brand fidelity throughout all touchpoints of the LOGE experience, including creative, design, and copy, brand programming, and overall guest services. Lindsay, who joined the company in January 2019, will also serve on the LOGE leadership team, where she'll help to create LOGE's overall growth strategy and product development efforts.

Lindsay Wolff Logsdon, Chief Culture Officer at LOGE

- Lindsay has led People Operations for some of the smartest companies out there—XPLANE, Ziba Design, Frog Design, and startups Square and Simple
- In October 2007, Portland Monthly chose both of Lindsay's current & former companies as two of the 12 Hottest Companies to work for in Portland, Oregon (Ziba Design and XPLANE).
- In 2013, Lindsay co-founded a professional organization to advance and advocate for company culture as a key business driver. Culture LabX has active city chapters across North America.
- Prior to working with LOGE, Lindsay served as a Director of Brand Culture Strategy with Liquid Agency, where she helped clients support their brands through an enhanced employee experience. Clients include: Walmart, GE, Hitachi, Entertainment Partners, Silicon Valley Bank
- She has spoken as an expert on company culture at several regional and national events, including: General Assembly, The Bold Italic, eBay Tech Tuesday, SXSW, the US Employee Engagement Awards and for Forbes online.
- For the past 4 years, Lindsay has been listed by Inspiring Workplaces as one of the Top 100 Global Employee Engagement Influencers.
Recent Appointments at LOGE Camps

Ian McClendon - Director of Operations

27 October 2020 — As LOGE's new Director of Operations, McClendon helms the team delivering the LOGE experience to all guests at the community-oriented hospitality concept. Previously Regional Manager, Ian will oversee and develop skills with the General Managers at each of LOGE's six locations to drive guest satisfaction, crew member engagement, and to keep the business in top shape as it continues to navigate and thrive through this exceptionally complex time.
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