Industry Update
Appointment27 October 2020

Ian McClendon

Promoted Director of Operations
At LOGE Camps, USA

Ian McClendon

As LOGE's new Director of Operations, McClendon helms the team delivering the LOGE experience to all guests at the community-oriented hospitality concept. Previously Regional Manager, Ian will oversee and develop skills with the General Managers at each of LOGE's six locations to drive guest satisfaction, crew member engagement, and to keep the business in top shape as it continues to navigate and thrive through this exceptionally complex time.

At the broader company level, Ian, who joined the company in May 2019, sits on the LOGE leadership team and plays a key role in LOGE's growth strategy, product development, and experience design process. He also oversees revenue management, product marketing, and IT infrastructure making sure that LOGE shows up as a compelling option at great value for their guests.

Ian McClendon, Director of Operations at LOGE

  • Has been awarded HSMAI Best of the Best 2016.
  • Recognized by the Los Angeles Concierge Association for excellence in 2017.
  • Brought Hotel Colonnade to 4 Diamond status after a 4 year absence of the award.
  • Drove Hotel Colonnade to surpass The Hotel Biltmore in Tripadvisor in 2018 and feature in Conde Nast Traveler's Readers' Choice Awards 20 20 hotel in Miami, for three years in a row.
  • Supported opening both properties for Pivot Hotels - Hotel Emery and Baker's Cay - which were listed as part of Conde Nast Traveler's top 20 hotel openings across the world.
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