Industry Update
Appointment14 January 2021

Riley Eller

Joined React Mobile as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Riley Eller

The Seattle-based employee safety solution provider welcomes a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to its Engineering and Leadership team.

Riley Eller has been involved with technology and security since the beginning of his 30-year career. He has applied his skills in places like Unium (formerly known as CoCo), where he was a part of a successful acquisition to Nokia in 2018. His recent role as the CTO of Rubica, involved leading engineering and security teams in the cybersecurity space to protect data from real-time threats. He is a contributor to several inventions and patents and is recognized for his technology expertise.
At React Mobile, Riley manages and supports the development of a modern employee safety solution's hardware and software elements. He leads the company with a custom lean manufacturing process that outputs a reliable and high-quality safety solution. He has defined innovative plans to improve the existing employee safety solution and expand our technology partner integrations. Some of the plans focus on enhancing the locator service, reducing the meantime to respond, and expanding immediate incident alerting and resolution options.
Besides being passionate about employee safety, Riley takes much interest in the digital transformation: from hardware forward and reverse engineering, through the operating system and driver implementation, to application algorithm design, into machine-derived solution science, with international recognition for incredible depth in internet security. His credits include the Black Hat Security Briefings and Training series, "Meet the Enemy" seminars, the books Hack Proofing Your Network: Internet Tradecraft (Syngress, ISBN: 1-928994-15-6), and a founding member of the only team ever to win the DEF CON Capture the Flag content, the world's most prestigious hacking competition, three times in a row.

React Mobile

React Mobile was established with the singular goal to help people in times of distress. The React Mobile enterprise safety platform helps people in emergencies reach the widest network possible when it matters most.
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