Liz Martinez

Daxton Hotel announces today the appointment of Certified Sommelier Liz Martinez as Director of Beverage and Service. Martinez will bring new food & beverage programming to the striking new build on the city's iconic Old Woodward Ave, and will also elevate the hotel's dining experience with a brand-new wine list for its flagship restaurant, Madam.

With over two decades of experience designing award-winning wine lists, training staff, and managing service for some of America's best restaurants, Martinez has received accolades for wine and service from every major national wine magazine and several other notable publications, including Food & Wine's Sommelier of the Year in 2019. Martinez has consistently elevated service and wine standards in a wide range of restaurants throughout the country, including Detroit's luxury steakhouse Prime+Proper and Chicago's bustling Purple Pig.

In her new role, Martinez will be responsible for creating a unique wine experience that will invite guests and visitors to discover new flavors and will serve to elevate the hotel's food and beverage programming. Working closely with Chef Price, Martinez will also be curating a new wine list and pairing menus that will complement the California-American inspired cuisine of Madam. She will be working with local vintners to develop a menu that draws inspiration from local culture and character which will be complemented by an assortment of international vintages that will invite guests and visitors to delight in new flavors.