Miguel 'Mike' Rivera

Previous to his role as general manager of La Concha Resort, Mike Rivera was the vice president of operations for The Condado Collection, as well as prior hotel manager, for which he is returning to the hotel with new vigor. Rivera has also served as vice president of operations for Restaurantes Encanto and Empresas Cordero Badillo, where he oversaw important functions such as supervising restaurant operations and renovations; inventory and labor cost control; service standards, and program implementation. He has also held positions including director of operations for TRICON Restaurants International, and hotel manager, resident manager and executive assistant manager of food and beverage for well-known hotels and resorts such as Puerto Rico's Wyndham Hotel and the Condado Plaza Hotel.

Rivera has a BA in Government and Public Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. He also holds several academic certifications and courses such as the ServSafe Food Protection Manager certification; Rooms and Divisions Courses at Cornell University; Certified Mediator of the Institute of Mediation and Conflict Resolution of NY and Bachelor of Labor Law of Puerto Rico from the Advanced School of Human Resources Administration.