Eric Healy

Eric Healy has been hired as new Business Development Manager for Fairmas North America. With 18+ years of experience in the hospitality industry, Eric is not only the perfect candidate for the position but will be a key asset to the continued growth of Fairmas across the region. His extensive operational and sales experience in the luxury hotel industry in North America as well as the last few years in the tech sector is a testament to why he is the right fit for the role. The ability to merge these two sectors is core to his role at Fairmas.

Eric is a true hotelier and has developed a passion for making clients, customers, and coworkers feel confident in his ability to deliver and ensure success. This "Golden Rule," according to him, is the cornerstone of hospitality and has been his guiding principle throughout his career. Eric describes the Fairmas software suite as the one-stop solution for hotels to increase revenue, make well-informed decisions, and better manage risk. With the relationships he has established after nearly two decades of working in the hospitality industry paired with Fairmas' extensive experience in Europe and around the world, he is confident about the immense potential for growth across the North American region.

Eric is renowned for his exceptional soft skills, which include his engaging personality, driven passion for the industry, dedication to his clients and fun-loving nature. He is excited to use these qualities in his new position at Fairmas and contribute to the organization's success in North America. Fairmas is excited to have Eric Healy join the team.