Richard Oakes

Premier, an end-to-end architecture, design, procurement, and project management and development firm, is pleased to announce the hire of Richard Oakes as Senior Vice President of Procurement. Having previously held roles at well-known hotel brands, Oakes brings 35 years of experience working across multiple disciplines including operations, procurement, sales and marketing, franchise services, and revenue management. At Premier, he will be responsible for developing and implementing procurement strategies to optimize the acquisition of goods and services while ensuring cost savings, quality, and efficiency for the world's leading hotel brands.

Oakes brings with him extensive knowledge that spans all product and service categories and a delivery of organizational initiatives for design, construction, operations, and asset management teams. The new SVP will lead the procurement team to drive value to Premier's internal and external customers through brand buying power, purchasing efficiencies, and timely execution to drive successful project purchasing. Oakes will be responsible for enhancing the purchasing team, the strategies put into place, and the delivery of exceptional value to all clients.

Before joining Premier, Oakes held positions at Omni Hotels & Resorts, Zoës Kitchen, Gaylord Entertainment, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, and other notable hospitality brands. Throughout his career, Oakes led teams across the globe to help them perform efficiently and profitably while mentoring colleagues and businesses to guide them in moving to the next level. He also helped devise solutions through the impacts of the September 11th attacks, SARs, Bali Bombings, and other international challenges. He has effectively brought teams together to work quickly when needed to solve resource and logistical constraints.

With experience working within Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and the United States to drive brand growth, Oakes will continue to lead highly successful teams with a deep understanding of the hospitality industry at Premier. He will also create and execute strategies that will drive real change and bring exceptional value to the entire portfolio of clients.

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