Brendan Brennan

HBX Group, a leading TravelTech B2B ecosystem player, announced today that Chief Financial Officer Andrés García-Tenorio will leave his role and step away from the business over the next 12 months, following a planned succession process. The company has appointed Brendan Brennan, former CFO of ICON plc, as the new CFO, effective October 2024.

For the past 20 years, Andrés García-Tenorio has guided the business through various economic cycles with his steady leadership and financial expertise, achieving a robust financial position marked by substantial cash reserves, an improved credit rating, and a period of significant growth and transformation.

Brendan is a strategic-minded senior executive with extensive experience driving outperformance at revenue and earnings levels global organisations. He has a proven track record of cost management, efficiency creation, and significant M&A experience, including the $12 billion acquisition and integration of PRA Health Sciences.

Brendan brings extensive experience in public listed companies including investor relations, board-level reporting, and presenting to public company sub-committees. He has worked with teams across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, managing a 41,000-FTE organisation.

Prior to his role at ICON, Brendan held various senior positions in financial planning, corporate finance, and investor relations. He has also worked with CRH Plc and PWC.

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