Gene Ference

President at Ference Leadership & Strategy

Gene Ference

Gene Ference, Ph.D. has developed Deliberate Cultures in the luxury hospitality industry since 1980. He is President of Ference Leadership and Strategy & Center for Survey Research – a global organizational development company – and is an active member of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC).

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The view from the top

Employee engagement and guest interaction have been key elements of the success of the Dorchester Collection under the leadership of its CEO Chris Cowdray. To find out more about the ideas and values behind his winning management style, Dr.

Navigating through the “perfect storm” of leadership confusion

Successful leaders in 2010 will recognize the total organization envisioned as one culture of trust, writes Gene Ference, President of Ference Leadership and Strategy. Company vision, mission, values and guiding principles will provide direction in an environment of collaborative leadership, while efficient systems and procedures will identify how work is best accomplished with impassioned people providing the heart, soul and spirit of the customer experience.

Tough times take tough leaders

The lingering recession necessitates a relentless approach to squeezing every bit of efficiency out of your operation. According to GENE FERENCE, President of Ference Leadership and Strategy, in 2011 inspirational leaders will motivate their staffs to focus horizontally, across departments, to eke out every possible competitive advantage.

Successful leaders will adapt…

The economic crisis has brought about new norms, affecting hospitality organizations in countless ways, large and small. According to GENE FERENCE, President of FERENCE LEADERSHIP AND STRATEGY and a leading consultant on improving organizational and service culture, these new norms will require business leaders to take a new approach to peak performance in the coming year.

Championing Employee Engagement

In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, Professor Marvel gazed into a crystal ball and pretended to see a careworn Aunt Em sick with worry over a missing Dorothy. This little deception from a kind heart was all it took to send Dorothy and Toto scurrying back to their Kansas farm and – after a well-known adventure – a new appreciation of family and friends.
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