Terence Ronson

Hospitality Professional, Technology Consultant, Public Speaker and Inventor

Terence Ronson

Terence Ronson is the Managing Director of Pertlink Limited. Now residing in Manila after almost two decades in Hong Kong, Terence launched his diversified hospitality career as a chef, later holding various general management positions with well-known hotels in the UK and Asia. In the mid-80s he developed his penchant for technology, and in 2000 started Pertlink Ltd., (Hong Kong) a hospitality technology consultancy, becoming as well the Technology Editor for HOTELS Asia Pacific and authoring since then numerous industry-related articles. In 2001, CNN's eBizasia program featured him for his innovative work at Rosedale on the Park Hong Kong, the first cyber boutique Hotel. It was at that point he originated the first hotel app – HOTELINMYHAND. Terence also helped Langham Place Hong Kong win many accolades for its technology deployment as well as various other well-known hotels across Southeast Asia. In China, Terence was heavily involved in establishing and delivering the IT strategy for Jumeirah Himalayas (Shanghai), Puli (Shanghai), Sofitel Wanda (Beijing), and Guoman (Shanghai). He also participated in the development of the technology vision for Disney Shanghai and Tangula Luxury Train. Terence often chairs and speaks at global industry events and sits on various advisory boards, in addition to holding a Visiting Lecturer position at Hong Kong Polytechnic. He is a CHTP (Certified Hospitality Technology Professional) and runs an active hotel technology blog.

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Is Netflix a window on the future for Travel and Hospitality?

Raise your hands... those who yearn to get on a plane and fly to some exotic destination. In fact, at this point, anywhere outside the confines of our homes, in any form of transport will do nicely, thank you.

Long Live CES!

Traveling to Las Vegas at the start of the year to see what tomorrow looks like, has been something I've always looked forward to through the years. CES was that for me, opening my eyes to what the future holds.

There’s probably an app for that!

Mobility has never played a more important part in our lives as it now does in these COVID times which has forced the world and most especially the hospitality industry to adopt a contactless/lo-touch environment.

The COVID Conundrum …We just don’t know…

If there's one thing we have learned about COVID-19, it's that we just don't know. Political posturing aside, we really don't know where it came from, we know very little about how it's transmitted, we really don't know how to cure it, and most importantly, we don't know how to stop it both now, and even worse, possibly, well into the future.

My biggest frustration with hotel-tech when booking or staying at a hotel!

Whilst you may have viewed my HITEC video regarding my frustrations with tech when staying in a Hotel – let me add my two cents regarding booking a Hotel. In many cases, I find the booking process to be just too cumbersome and does not always follow a natural sequence – such as location, dates (in/out), number of people, type of room etc.
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