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Mike Oppenheim


In his regular column "The Life of a Hotel Doctor", Mike Oppenheim shares remarkable stories around visiting hotel guests as a doctor. When he began as a hotel doctor during the 1980s, only luxury hotels had a “house doctor,” usually a local practitioner who did it as a sideline. Nowadays, in a large city even the lowliest motel receives blandishments from a dozen individuals plus several agencies that send moonlighting doctors if they can find one. “Hotel” doctors often acquire hotels by dropping by to extol their virtues to front desk personnel, perhaps with the promise of a tip.

Articles by Mike Oppenheim (144)

A Doctor Gets Sick - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

Years ago I suffered a stomach virus, not a serious illness but unpleasant. I was resting after a night of vomiting when the Beverly Garland called. I could have stalled or asked a colleague to make the visit, but symptoms were improving.I had not entirely recovered, so my wife ...

As If I Didn't Need Reminding - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

Well OK. she said. I could sense her reluctance. She had assumed I'd see her in my office. If guests want an office visit, I know colleagues who will accommodate them, and I often take the hint. But I love visits for suture removals. They're easy, and guests appreciate the convenience.When ...

Another Bullet Dodged - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

The guest I had seen the previous day was found dead, I learned from the manager of a downtown hotel.A hotel doctor's worst nightmare is a patient dying in the room after he leaves. This has never happened to me although several died soon after I sent them to the hospital. It ...