Anne Lloyd-Jones

Senior Managing Director of the New York office of HVS

Anne Lloyd-JonesAnne R. Lloyd-Jones, MAI, CRE, is Senior Managing Director of the New York office of HVS, the premier global hospitality consulting firm. Since joining HVS in 1982, Anne has provided consulting and appraisal services to over 5,000 hotels. Anne’s particular areas of expertise include market studies, feasibility analyses, and appraisals. She is also an expert in the valuation of management and franchise companies, and brands. Her experience includes a wide range of property types, including spas and conference centers. She has appeared as an expert witness on numerous occasions, providing testimony and litigation support on matters involving bankruptcy proceedings, civil litigation, and arbitration. For further information, please contact Anne at +1 (516) 248-8828 Ext. 208 or [email protected]

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Comparative Capitalization Rate Study

A review of the differentials in capitalization rates based on location and property type over a ten year period. If HVS maintained an “FAQ” list, “Where are cap rates today?” would be at the top of the list, followed closely by “What is the right cap rate for this hotel?” Not only is there no good answer to these questions, the correct response is actually a series of other questions, starting with “What net income are you capping?” and “How is that net income expected to change in the future?” and continuing on from there.