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Conor Kenny Conor Kenny is the Principal of Conor Kenny & Associates, a professional development, training and direct consultancy company, (Best Professional development Consultancy 2018 – Irish Enterprise Awards) specialising in developing your people, performance and business. His own expertise is writing and delivering high sales skills workshops and his first book, acclaimed by The Irish Times. His first book ‘How to Sell’ has since been followed by 2 further books; It’s Who I Am (2017) – Irish Times Best Business Books of the Year. Dancing at the Fountain (2016) – Irish Examiner Best Business Books of the Year.

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‘What Are You Trying to Say?’

When a sudden and unexpected storm hits our shores, our business and our brand, how we communicate and what we say, becomes even more important. What we see, what we hear, what we believe, depends on where we stand.

Tomorrow’s World - What’s Going To Change For Irish Hotels And Guests

"We won't be opening car doors for guests anytime soon" says Clement Gaffney, Group Hotels Operations Manager of Pat Doherty's Harcourt Developments, Hotel Division with properties in Ireland, The U.K.

The Psychology of Successful Selling

If you behave like a salesperson, you'll look like a salesperson. If you think like a customer, you'll make the sale. But, be warned, pretending to think like a customer is not thinking like a customer.

Great Service – The Art, Science and Psychology

In a boom, service suffers - "Sure aren't we flat out anyway?"In a recession, service suffers - "We just can't afford the right people"Neither are a strategy.Bad service is the death knell of any business.

Are You Turning a Blind Eye?

One in four of us will suffer a mental health problem in our lives.At work, a quarter of your company.Yet, even today, many companies turn a blind eye for several reasons; fear, their own view of this, personal experience, taboos, ignorance or simply the desire to deny its existence and impact.
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