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Jean Francois Mourier arrived in South Florida in 2003 after a successful and distinguished career in Europe as a trader, financial analyst and director for a number of top firms including Merrill Lynch, ING Barings and others. He joined a small Miami Beach hotel management firm as a financial analyst. Applying his vast experience in finance, pricing and technology, he soon revamped the company's revenue management methods, with dramatic results. Occupancy at The Palms Hotel and The National Hotel in Miami Beach increased from 63% in 2003 to 96% in 2007, while steadily increasing average room rates. This was remarkable, but not surprising in light of Jean Francois' earlier achievements in the finance trade, where he modernized operations by introducing options and new products, increased customer sales by 100% through aggressive pricing strategies, sales training and product marketing, and doubled new issue business. A few months after joining the company, Mourier added the position of Director of Revenue Management to his resume and implemented a unique and revolutionary pricing scheme that yielded a 100% increase in revenues, earning him several awards in recognition of his out-of-the box creativity and methodology. In addition, he successfully trained and managed three programmers and four executives in his methods and philosophies, ensuring the perpetuation of his management, marketing and pricing policies. In 2007, along with his colleague and 25-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Bruno Perez, Mourier founded RevPar Guru to provide the Yield Dynamic Price Engine, an integrated revenue management and pricing solution, to others in the hospitality industry.

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When most hoteliers consider their revenue management metrics, they most likely think about RevPAR, ADR and occupancy. Perhaps, they would also think about historical and current local demand. But for the majority of hoteliers, their property's star rating wouldn't even occur to them (beyond when they initially start working with an OTA and are creating their profile).

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Hotels and airlines share many of the same issues; perishable inventory, customers booking in advance, lower cost competition and wide swings regarding balancing supply and demand are a few of the many.

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Today, we all live in a very fast-moving, high-tech society; and yet, our technology always seems to be disappointing us, unfortunately for hotel owners and revenue managers, the same issue applies to most revenue management systems (RMS).

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OTAs are a great source of revenue for hotels but because of the HUGE commission rates, they make the cost of acquisition too high to sustain over the long term. Unfortunately though, it can be very difficult for hotels to direct business to their own website.

Worst Practices In Revenue Management - Part Two

The hotel industry is very competitive and it's crucial that hoteliers stand out and attract the attention of consumers online. Because it's easy for revenue managers to get caught up in outdated, ineffective methods, we've decided to finish our list with some of the most important worst practices.
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