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Rohit Verma

Professor at Cornell School of Hotel Administration

Rohit Verma, Ph.D., is a professor of service operations management at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration (SHA), where he is also the coordinator for MBAMMH Dual Degree Programs, and formerly was executive director of the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research. He has published in and serves on the editorial boards of several prestigious business and hospitality journals and is co-author, co-editor, or contributor to several books related to effective management of service businesses.

Articles by Rohit Verma (8)

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It's become a tradition that The Hotel Yearbook's annual edition kicks off with an overview of the major trends affecting the industry, as compiled by Rohit Verma and Glenn Withiam of the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research. Their work gives them a chance to take the pulse ...

Eight trends for the hotel industry in 2012

At Cornell University, Glenn Withiam is Director of Publications, and Rohit Verma (pictured) is Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Hospitality Research. The Hotel Yearbook asked them if, based on their latest research, they could summarize the key issues facing ...