Les Spielman

CEO of Hospitality Automation Consultants

Les Spielman

Les Spielman is president of Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd., an independent consulting firm. With more than 34 years of experience in the lodging business, he provides assistance with automation tasks on a personalized basis. Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd. has successfully completed over 3,400 consulting projects throughout the world. He was just reelected to his third consecutive term to the Board of Directors of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants. His practice is global, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney Australia, Frankfurt Germany, and London England. In addition Spielman has been keynote speaker and lecturer on numerous hospitality issues throughout the world. He has over spoken at over 150 global events. His mantra has been data security and data backup.

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Virtual Reality Companies At CES

At this year's CES, we stopped by a number of virtual reality companies at their booth to try out their latest VR products. Here we provide a quick overview of some of the noteworthy ones:

2016 CES takeaway

Having attended CES for the past 30+ years I have always returned to reality when I return home and my wife tells me that she didn't set the DVR to record (scroll down to "Magic Wand" below) ….. But to be fair, I don't know where she now stores my favorite snack.

Big Data is a Big Deal in Hospitality

Early this year, news broke of a data breach at White Lodging, a company that maintains multiple popular hotel franchises including Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott. The breach, which actually took place in 2013, resulted in hundreds of cases of credit card fraud for customers who had previously stayed at White Lodging-managed hotels.

2013 the year of the mobile app revolution in Hospitality

My first adventure at HITEC was over thirty years ago. Since then, I haven't missed one. Each year, one technology niche stands out above the rest, even in incremental years. This year, it appeared to be the year of the mobile app.

How Smart Devices will Change Hospitality Technology

Over the past 25 + years of attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) I have witnessed the birth, and quick demise of many new technology innovations. One item that I recall fondly was the first showing of an item called "Bluetooth".
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