Frank Wolfe

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at HFTP

Frank Wolfe (yearbook)Frank Wolfe, CAE, FIH is the CEO of HFTP and an inductee into the International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame and an HFTP Paragon Award winner. He often speaks on hospitality and travel related issues. He is an author, speaker and an advocate of careers in hospitality technology or finance.
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Transition Technology for Hospitality – From Clean to Cleaner

Do you remember where you were when COVID-19 changed the world? Although it was not until several hours later that it dawned on me that it happened, I was at the Dubai International Airport. It was the typical hurry, bump and for some, shove, of any airport.

What is your take on the coronavirus and its impact on our industry?

Coronavirus Fears Should Be Less Hype and Hospitality Can Help - Early this morning I was pulled off the beach (in my dreams) by a series of rapid-fire instant messages and emails.

Hotel Yearbook 2020 China Special Edition - 酒店旅遊創新年鑒 中國特輯

This Hotel Yearbook 2020 China Special Edition - 酒店旅遊創新年鑒 中國特輯 was produced for HFTP, coinciding with CHTA Connecting Travellers Conference - 未来旅行者大会 2019 which took place from May 28-30 in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview.

Get into the blue ocean

What makes your hotel stand out? The secret to success in today’s complex hospitality industry lies in the answer to that question, writes HFTP CEO Frank Wolfe. Many times it seems that the only thing that distinguishes one property from another is the sign on the front of the building.

Will Blockchain Technology put Airbnb, Expedia, and Priceline out of business?

Last month at HITEC Toronto, it would seem that HFTP put Blockchain Technology (BT) right in the middle of hospitality's radar. After some well received education sessions and an announcement by HFTP that an industry task force on the subject was being organized, the "blockchain buzz" began in earnest.
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