Soenke Weiss

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Optii Solutions Pty Ltd

Soenke Weiss

Soenke Weiss is a housekeeping evangelist and Founder of Optii Solutions. A passion for housekeeping management combined with a revenue management background has driven Soenke to create the world’s first and only housekeeping software solution focused on management of labour resources to drive profitability and guest experience.

Insights by Soenke Weiss (4)

Does the post-COVID era require a different skillset from housekeepers?

I have always believed that a well organized and vigilant housekeeping department could pass any hygiene test. Detailed training and record-keeping is the key and utilizing technology platforms to record this information is critical.

New hotel cleaning protocols will cost hotels over $130k per year

As new hospitality cleaning protocols are being released on a daily basis worldwide, we have worked with our hotel partners to calculate the cost of implementing the new cleaning requirements. Initial analysis shows that hotels will need to budget around $130,000 for a 250-room hotel, running at around 60% occupancy.

The fork in the road

"Housekeeping has long been plagued by a reputation that they are slow to adapt to change and, in particular, slow to embrace technology. In our experience, we have found the opposite to be true, with housekeeping staff and hotel management well aware of the benefits that focused software can bring to their daily roles and guest satisfaction.

21st Century Housekeeping

For decades, the management of housekeeping labour has been reliant upon two pillars: the credit system and paying room attendants by the room. Now, with ever-increasing demands for operational efficiencies, is it time to review the basics of our management methodology? Housekeeping does many things, but there is this one thing that takes up 90% of its time: cleaning rooms.