Georges Panayotis

President & Founder of MKG Group & Hospitality ON

Georges PanayotisGeorges Panayotis is the President & Founder of MKG Group & Hospitality ON. Born into a family of hoteliers, Georges Panayotis left Greece at the age of 18 to study Political Science and earn a management degree at the University of Paris, Dauphine. In 1986 he created his own company and started developing specialised marketing tools for the hotel industry. Over the past 30 years, MKG Conseil, later to become MKG Group, became the leading European consulting firm for the hotel business, food service and tourism industries. He is also a consultant for several radio and television stations that focus on the economy.
Insights by Georges Panayotis (160)

It is impossible to walk on our heads... and yet…

A little logic, a little common sense, and we quickly understand that it is impossible to walk on your head. So why do we keep trying? Our businesses and our industry have slowly shifted towards a development model that is increasingly disconnected from reality.

Every cloud has a silver lining… but for whom?

Fostering, supervising, regulating, preserving the common heritage... these are the main missions of governments and agencies that must take them to heart. Create, develop, design, innovate, know your market, benchmark.

Who Will Benefit From the Digitization of the Hotel Industry?

We have fully entered a new era. What was once a craft industry has now become an industry that is highly specialized in many fields. These changes are exciting and gratifying. Why? Because they make the players in this business future experts in digital technology and marketing, and they push us to go ever further in product design, customer relations and the range of services we can offer them.

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