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Jennifer Nagy

President of JLNPR & Instructor at DIY.JLNPR

Jennifer Nagy, President of JLNPR, is a seasoned public relations professional with a passion for the hospitality industry. At JLNPR, Jennifer uses her knowledge and experience to get her travel technology clients noticed by media, influencers and potential customers – in short, the audiences that will have a direct impact on their bottom line. For more information or to find out how JLNPR can help increase your company’s visibility, please contact Jennifer at or visit
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The 5 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing

While we all have our good and bad days, when it comes to the BIG five sins of content marketing, I'd guess that most hospitality marketers have been very naughty this year (tsk tsk!)!(In case you need a quick overview of what content marketing is and why you HAVE TO implement ...

How to update your company's PR outreach

Edward Bernays, the man who was often referred to as the "Father of Public Relations", used very different tools than the ones in my modern PR toolbox. In the early years of PR, propaganda, which Bernays defined as "the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized ...

The press release is dead

I know that you're probably reading this with your mouth hanging open in shock: "A PR person is telling us that the press release doesn't work... what?!"Unfortunately, it's true. The top journalists receive hundreds, if not thousands, of press releases by email every day, many ...

The Importance of Brand Awareness for a B2B Company

Small businesses, especially those in the startup phase, spend a lot of time focusing on how they can boost sales. They have sales pitches drafted, teams hired to do the legwork and incentive structures established to incentivize their sales staff to do their best. But one important ...