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Arturo Cuenllas

Founder of Conscious Hospitality: a Hospitality Educational Consultancy in Management, Leadership and Sustainability | MBA professor at BHMS –City University of Seattle- in Luzern, Switzerland | MBA associate professor at ESCP Europe Business School in Madrid, Spain | Experienced Hotel General Manager, 20 years overall international experience in the hotel industry; luxury and upscale city hotels and resorts. Wide Professional and Executive Business Education in some of the 5 top Business Schools in Europe: High Advanced Management Program at IESE Business School and Executive MBA in Tourism Management at IE Business School. Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Glion Hotel School (former Hosta).

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Mediocre managers are all over in hospitality

Other more global studies exist as those of Gallup on motivation, revealing few levels of commitment among employees in their jobs overall. This global consultancy company put the voice of alarm concluding that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work, according to ...

Providing a Legendary Service

"A company's culture and a company's brand are really just to sides of the same coin. The brand is just a lagging indicator of company's culture". These words belong to Tony Hsieh, CEO of one of the most admirable companies in delivering incredible service: thought ...

Open Letter from a Hotel GM to Peter Drucker

Business is simple. Management's job is to take care of employees. The employees' job is to take care of the customers. Happy customers take care of the shareholders. It's a virtuous circle. John Mackey, Founder and CEO, Whole Foods Market. Dear Mr.Drucker,I am a Hotel General ...