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Keith Gruen

CEO / Geschäftsführer at Ysura GmbH

Keith Gruen is the co-founder of Fidelio Software and the main designer and developer of Fidelio’s property management system, which rapidly became the worldwide market leader. After building additional successful companies, including a venture capital fund, Keith returned to the hotel technology industry where he co-founded hetras, the first cloud-based software for hotel chains, later acquired by Shiji. Today he is CEO of ysura, a pharmaceutical software company, as well as a founder and investor in apaleo. Keith was recently awarded the HFTP Award of Merit for his contribution to hotel technology.

Articles by Keith Gruen (8)

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Many new generation hoteliers - especially those building new properties - are contemplating implementing a new generation of door-lock technologies. There are many different door-lock technologies currently in production or development, such as NFC, RFID, acoustic, Bluetooth, ...