Vikram Singh

Global Hospitality & Travel Strategist

Vikram Singh

Vikram is a global thought leader in the hospitality and travel business. During his 20-year career in hospitality and tech, Vikram has delivered portfolio-wide audits, asset turnaround strategies, and other high-level consulting services to real estate investment funds and property management groups across the globe. His strategies have helped power some of the biggest and most successful hotel equity turnaround deals in the last decade.

Vikram has had pivotal roles in improving hospitality assets worldwide, including locations such as Singapore, Paris, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, UAE, Oman, and Germany. He has held senior roles in property, regional and corporate offices, affording him a unique perspective on how to execute digital and revenue strategy throughout the hotel and travel ecosystem. He also has solid experience in hotel operations and revenue management functions, providing him with a well-rounded and realistic perspective on the hospitality business. In his most recent roles, he served as Vice President, Revenue Optimization for MCR Investors, and Vice President, Revenue Optimization for Rainmaker Group.

As one of the leading experts in the hospitality and travel realm, Vikram is a frequently requested speaker at industry conferences worldwide. Former hosts include the US Department of Commerce, Travel Distribution World Asia, Arabian Travel Market, and Airbnb.

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After my last pandemic-focused article, my inbox was flooded with queries about remote work. I had urged hotels to embrace remote work and stop putting geographical restrictions on hiring the best talent.

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I wrote two articles during the pandemic, one around the beginning and one in the middle. It’s time to complete the trilogy.

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On November 30th of this year, Booking/Priceline is shutting down its BookingSuite product, likely affecting hundreds of hotels worldwide. In short, they will stop running websites, booking engines, and revenue management software for their hotel clients.

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This is my second pandemic-themed article, following the last magnum opus on Hotel Marketing and Revenue Management in the Time of Pandemic. I was definitely hoping for things to be better by now. I still have a lot of optimism.

Hotel Marketing and Revenue Management in the Time of Pandemic

As I write my first article during a global pandemic, my title inspiration comes from the Columbian literary superstar, Gabriel García Márquez. COVID-19 has rapidly decimated the industry I have worked in for over 20 years.
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