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Vikram Singh

Global Hospitality & Travel Strategist

Vikram is a global thought leader in the hospitality and travel business. Vikram heads up the Revenue Optimization Services division at Rainmaker. During his 20-year career in hospitality and tech, Vikram has delivered portfolio- wide audits, asset turnaround strategies, and other high-level consulting services to real estate investment funds and property management groups across the globe. His strategies have helped power some of the biggest and most successful hotel equity turnaround deals in the last decade. As one of the leading experts in the hospitality and travel realm, Vikram is a frequently requested speaker at industry conferences worldwide. Former hosts include the US Department of Commerce, Travel Distribution World Asia, Arabian Travel Market, and Airbnb. He has been featured in the American Express/American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Series for several years. He is a perennial favorite of audience members everywhere because he emphasizes action-oriented strategies – and he is never boring. Vikram writes the popular hospitality and travel marketing strategy blog:

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Hotel CRM Reality Check

On January 20, 2017, I booked a hotel in Seville, Spain. That is also the day that Melia Hotels & Resorts got my email address. The rest, as they say, is history.For those of you who are not familiar with EU-based hotel companies: Melia Hotels International is a Spanish hotel ...

The Shrinking Value of Hotel Loyalty Programs

Why have I not done that? The reason is simple: I am a location-based business and leisure traveler. That means that I choose to stay at the most convenient location irrespective of brand. I know I am not alone in this thinking, as many people prioritize location over brand. ...